La Finca
Coffee & Bakery

Coffee Roasters, Mexican-Inspired Menu, Scratch Kitchen and Bakery


Flavors from Mexico

Our passion for coffee began in Manzanillo, Colima, Mexico in 2010. What started as a quaint coffee shop with a small food and dessert menu, eventually expanded into a coffee roastery and bakery. Fast-forward to 2019, we moved to back to Frisco, Texas and opened La Finca Coffee and Bakery and continue to offer high-quality coffee and authentic Mexican dishes that reflect old world traditions and values.


Sharing culture & experiences

La Finca is a family -owned business created out of our love and passion for coffee. Our products are deeply rooted in our family’s history.


    Small batch
    coffee roasting

    As a small batch coffee roaster, we can diligently manage our roasted coffee inventory. We personally roast coffee based on the regions of the coffee beans which guarantees that the beans are always fresh and of the highest quality.

    Mexican Postres

    Nothing better compliments an excellent coffee than a delicious bread or dessert. We have our own in-house bakery where the same quality & standards of our coffee are applied to our bakery.

    La Cocina

    Scratch Kitchen

    From traditional home-style meals from Mexico like homemade Huevos Rancheros and Chilaquiles, to more contemporary dishes like Avocado Toast and Chicken Chipotle Sandwiches, you’re sure to find a new favorite from our full-service kitchen.

    Coffee Talk

    Oaxaca Mazateca

    If you have been a part of our community for a little while, you may remember our Oaxaca Mazateca bean from late 2021. This Mexican

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    Día de Reyes

    Every year on January 6, Latin Americans celebrate Dia de Reyes Magos. Día de Reyes Magos is a variation of the Western Christian holiday Epiphany,

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    Our Coffee Philosophy

    We at La Finca’s refer to our coffee philosophy as “Relational Coffee”. Our commitment is we will: Buy coffee from and partner with individuals/groups in

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    Osito Café

    La Finca works in partnership with several organizations around the world that are making a positive impact in the coffee world. Today, we would love

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