What is “La Finca”

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1. A country estate, ranch

2. A large farm in a Latin America

Specifically relating to coffee, most coffee farms in Latin America are referred to as “Fincas.” “Fincas” are where we encounter coffee in its original form and where the amazing coffee process begins.

This idea of the place where you encounter the beginnings also translates to all areas of our business. In each area (coffee, bakery, & kitchen), we begin with the product in its simplest form, which is raw ingredients (flour, fruits, vegetables, green coffee, etc,) that are transformed into the products you enjoy in our shop.

Even our building design follows this philosophy as all of our furniture has been made or restored by our team.

In addition to being a scratch food & drink establishment, we also enjoy sharing the Mexican Culture we experienced during our time in Mexico. A significant part of the culture is centered around building relationships, through great food & drink.