Día de Reyes

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Every year on January 6, Latin Americans celebrate Dia de Reyes Magos. Día de Reyes Magos is a variation of the Western Christian holiday Epiphany, with different customs and traditions. Like Epiphany, the day symbolizes the first discovery of Jesus in Bethlehem by the Wisemen. On this day, the three Wisemen traveled to Bethlehem with gifts in hand for Jesus.

Contemporary celebrations have traditionally acted as a follow-up to Christmas. Nativity scenes are updated to include the three Wisemen and the preceding night, kids leave food and water out for the wisemen’s camels and a gift is left in exchange.

In Mexico, family and friends gather for parties. Ate this party they share a Rosca, which is a citric sweet bread loaf. The Rosca invokes the image of the gifts brought by the Wisemen to Jesus. It has a layer of critic fruit on the outside that resembles jewels. Inside the Rosca, is a plastic figurine that represents baby Jesus.

Each person takes a turn cutting their slice of the Rosca. The person(s) who get the plastic Jesus figurine, will host the party where tamales and atole or hot chocolate are served on the day of la Candelaria (February 2).

We will have a limited number of Roscas de Reyes available for purchase on January 6. Come and get yours to share with your family and friends!